The FA Referees’ Course provides an introduction to officiating 11v11 and 9v9 football. The course will introduce learners to The Laws of Association Football and their application, delivered through theory and practical elements and focussing on the knowledge, skills and attributes required to operate safely and effectively in grass roots football.

Course Structure

Unit 1:   Pre-course learning (2 hours)

Unit 2:   On-course theory and practical (7 hours)

Unit 3:   On-course theory and practical (3 hours)

Unit 4:   On-course theory and practical (7 hours)

Unit 5:   Referee five matches

Unit 6:   On-course final assessment (2 hours)

Course Content

Through a mixture of theory and practical activity, learners will cover:

  1. Effective communication
  2. Positioning and movement
  3. Penalty kick and free kick management
  4. Managing re-starts
  5. Advantage
  6. Managing players
  7. Recognising and dealing with foul challenges
  8. Cautioning and sending-off procedure
  9. Offside
  10. Dealing with substitutions
  11. Dealing with injuries

Minimum Age

Learners must be 14 or over on the course start date.

Safeguarding Requirements

Before refereeing their five matches (unit 5), leaners must have complied with the FA’s safeguarding requirements.


Upon successful completion of units 1-6, learners will be classified as either a Level Y referee (if aged 14 or 15) or a Level 7 referee (if aged 16 or over).  The FA refereeing qualification is awarded only when all 6 units have been successfully completed.

The FA Referee Course with Worcestershire FA

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking to complete the course for college studies or voluntary awards such as Duke of Edinburgh, this IS NOT the course for you. Learners are expected to actively referee on a regular basis upon completion of the Referee Course. 

This practical course will include 5 units and an appraisal on practical methods of refereeing plus a multiple choice exam on the Laws of Association Football.

You will be required to complete a pre-course booklet prior to the course start date - this will be sent to you in the week leading up to the first date.

Candidates aged 16 or over must have a valid FA CRC certificate (or obtain one before completion of the course).

The whole course will take place at the same venue. The dates of the course are:

Sunday 21st January 2018 - 9am-4pm
Thursday 25th January 2018 - 7pm-9pm
Sunday 28th January 2018 - 9am-4pm
Thursday 22nd March 2018 - 7pm-9pm

Learners must attend all dates - failure to do so will result in removal from the course and all bookings are non-refundable for non-attendance.

Places are initially limited to learners living in Worcestershire. Any remaining places will be opened up to learners living outside Worcestershire 2 weeks before the course start date. If you live outside Worcestershire and enrol on the course before this time you will be removed without warning.

Part of this course will include refereeing five 11v11 or 9v9 games to obtain fully qualified status. Full details will be provided on the course.

On attending the final session and successfully completing the examination, learners will become a qualified referee (level 7 if over 16 or level Y if under 16).


The cost of the course is £125 and this price includes:

•             A copy of the latest Laws of the Game booklet

•             An interactive DVD on the Laws of the Game

•             A pre-course study programme (Unit 1)

•             All course materials

•             FA registration fee for one season

•             A referee whistle

•             A set of red/yellow cards & holder

•             Five 9v9/11v11 matches

•             A list of League contacts

•             A certificate of qualification following an initial five 11v11 or 9v9 games and the successful passing of a final examination on the Laws of The Game

•             FA Referee badge

•             The services of FA Referee Mentor

Provision of the above ensures that delegates are fully equipped to referee following the course. 

We endeavour to provide all trainee referees with a mentor for at least 2 of your 5 initial games a referee (although this is optional). You will receive further information regarding this during the course.

NOTE: All bookings are non-refundable. 

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