Principles of Play: In Practice (YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PHASE)

                                                 FALCC CPD Level 1,2 Event (2 hours)

Full Workshop details are:

Gloucestershire FA, Oaklands Park, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4AG

What is this Workshop about?

In this workshop we explore how to help players learn the principles of play through game-related practice.

In order for players to better understand the game, they need lots of opportunities to practice in game-realistic situations. Understanding principles of play in the game, both individually and collectively, is vital for players as they develop.

In this workshop we share some simple games to use at training which will provide opportunities for players to learn and help coaches observe the principles of play in action.

We discuss how to create sessions like these, and discuss the importance of the principles of play when designing practice to aid the development of players.

What are the learning outcomes?

We will explore how we can create game-related practices that bring out the principles of play, focusing on:

• Some simple game designs

• Further clarity on the principles of play

• How this impacts player development.

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