FA Level 3 (UEFA B) in Coaching Football - application

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Full details for this course are yet to be confirmed (including venue and pricing). 

As soon as we have further information, all applicants will be notified.

FA Level 3 (Uefa B) in Coaching Football FAQs  

This internationally recognised qualification develops the core principles of the England DNA that relate to – 

How We Coach, How We Play, How We Support and The Future Player.

It will help you refine your own beliefs, values and coaching/playing philosophy while supporting you to 

develop your players, units and team. We will ask you to look at the players you work with and explore 

how you can help develop them through designing practices that meet their technical and tactical, physical, 

psychological and social needs. We will also help you to understand the demands of the game and how 

to meet the needs of players as they build a deeper understanding of their various roles and responsibilities 

within the team.

It will help you to reflect on, realise the impact of, and justify the decisions you make, whilst encouraging a 

long-term view of player development that links to player performance.

Who is it for?
Active coaches working in the 11v11, 9v9 or 7v7 game within competition structures.

Please note where demand is high course acceptance will be based on the following priorities:

1.  Working in the adult/youth 11v11 game with an FA Youth Award

2.  Working in the adult/youth 11v11 game with an FA Youth Award Module 3

3.  Working in the adult/youth 11v11 game

4.  Working in the youth 9v9 game with an FA Youth Award

5.  Working in the youth 9v9 game with an FA Youth Award Module 3

6.  Working in the youth 9v9 game

7.  Working in the youth 7v7 game with an FA Youth Award

8.  Working in the youth 7v7 game with an FA Youth Award Module 3

9.  Working in the youth 7v7 game

Pre-requisites for registration
FA Level 2 in Coaching Football
Must be at least 16 years of age
Be able to effectively communicate in English

Pre-requisites for certification
In date FA Level 1 Introduction to First Aid in Football (launching on 1 August 2017, currently known as FA Emergency Aid)

         -In date FA Safeguarding Certificate

         -Full attendance

         -Successful completion of course project 

Learning Programme

         -4 Blocks of delivery (3 days, 2 days, 2 days, 2 days)

         -9 Days of delivery (split into 18 Workshops)

         -3 in-situ visits situated between Blocks 1-2, 2-3, 3-4

         -Please note that in-situ support visits must only be conducted face-to-face, in England

Assessment Strategy
To be awarded the qualification you must:

        -Complete the pre-course e-learning module

        -Attend all four blocks of learning, inclusive of 18 face-to-face Workshops

        -Complete an 18 game project based around your own players and club environment - Please note that this is reduced to a 12 game project for those that already hold the full FA Youth Award

        -A 30 minute presentation of your project, which will include a Q&A session with tutors and colleagues

Delivered over the course of a season (9-12 months)

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Please be aware that if you already have a FAN, and create another FAN, this could cause delays in being confirmed on the course and any qualifications being awarded.

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