The FA Referees’ Course provides an introduction to officiating 11v11 and 9v9 football. The course will introduce learners to The Laws of Association Football and their application, delivered through theory and practical elements and focussing on the knowledge, skills and attributes required to operate safely and effectively in grass roots football.

Course Structure

Unit 1:   Pre-course learning (2 hours)

Unit 2:   On-course theory and practical (7 hours)

Unit 3:   On-course theory and practical (3 hours)

Unit 4:   On-course theory and practical (7 hours)

Unit 5:   Referee five matches

Unit 6:   On-course final assessment (2 hours)

Course Content

Through a mixture of theory and practical activity, learners will cover:

  1. Effective communication
  2. Positioning and movement
  3. Penalty kick and free kick management
  4. Managing re-starts
  5. Advantage
  6. Managing players
  7. Recognising and dealing with foul challenges
  8. Cautioning and sending-off procedure
  9. Offside
  10. Dealing with substitutions
  11. Dealing with injuries

Minimum Age

Learners must be 14 or over on the course start date.

Safeguarding Requirements

Before refereeing their five matches (unit 5), leaners must have complied with the FA’s safeguarding requirements.


Upon successful completion of units 1-6, learners will be classified as either a Level Y referee (if aged 14 or 15) or a Level 7 referee (if aged 16 or over).  The FA refereeing qualification is awarded only when all 6 units have been successfully completed.


No refunds will be made for non-attendance once the course has started.








Induction Evening


12th February 2020


7pm to 9pm





Bedfordshire FA, Skimpot Road, Dunstable LU5 4JU


Day 1


17th February 2020


9am to 5pm


Day 2


18th February 2020


9am to 5 pm


Call Back Session & Exam


11th May 2020


7pm to 9pm

Please note that for candidates under the age of 18, a parent and/or guardian will also be invited to attend the induction evening.

Before attending the course you will be required to complete a pre-course home study pack which will be emailed to you prior to the Induction Evening. The pack will test your knowledge on the Laws of The Game.

Students will be required to bring the following equipment:

1. Packed lunch and drinks.

2. Shin pads and suitable footwear for a 3G surface. Please note metal or plastic studs will not be allowed on the pitch.

3. Appropriate clothing for indoor and outdoor practical sessions which may include wet weather.

4. Pen and note pad.

As part of the course students are required to complete a Criminal Records Check (CRC) and attend a Safeguarding Workshop. Details are provided below:

Under the age of 17: Students will be sent a link via email prior to the course, to access the online Safeguarding Workshop. Students MUST complete the qualification before attending the full course.

16 years old and over: Students are required to complete an FA Criminal Records check. The online application form will be sent out via email prior to the course and students must bring their verification documents in a sealed envelope on the first day of the course (Induction Evening). The cost of the check is £10.00 which can be paid online with a debit/credit card after your documents have been verified.

Students 17 years old and over: You will also be required to attend a three hour Safeguarding Workshop which will be held a Bedfordshire FA. Dates of the course can be found by clicking this link below;


You will not be permitted to enrol on the first day of the course if the above requirements (CRC & Safeguarding) have not been completed. Your place may be offered to another candidate in these circumstances.

Please note the Safeguarding Course is free of charge and students must email Sharon Lloyd or Nicky Fearn to manually book onto the course – Sharon.Lloyd@Bedfordshirefa.com or Nicky.Fearn@Bedfordshirefa.com

Bedfordshire FA Learning Agreement:

My booking on the course above confirms that I understand:

Cancellation: If I cancel my booking I will inform Bedfordshire FA and will be entitled to a credit note for the value of the following, minus a transaction fee:

- 75% return if 2 months’ notice given

- 50% return if 1 month notice given

- 25% return if less than one month given

- No return if less than 10 days given

• I will respect the course tutor, course venue and the other candidates and their points of view. I understand that if my behavior, language or conduct is deemed ‘unacceptable’, ’offensive’ or ‘harmful’ for any reason, Bedfordshire FA and the venue reserves the right to exclude me for continuing on my chosen course and if necessary, future courses.

• Bedfordshire FA does not accept responsibility for the loss, or damage to, candidate property or for personal injury however caused and that I will ensure that I am protected with my own personal insurance cover through other bodies.

• I confirm that I understand the above statements and their implications and that the information I have provided on this form is correct to the very best of my knowledge.
• If you are under General Suspension you cannot attend the course until you have been cleared of any such suspension.

This course must be 100% attended in order for you to be awarded a certificate upon completion.

FA Referee Course & Starter Pack Prices

FA Referee Course only - £145.00

FA Referee Course only** - £170.00

FA Referee Course plus Full Starter Pack** - £229.99

FA Referee Course plus Full Starter Pack with Bedfordshire FA Badge - £204.99

FA Referee Course plus Mini Starter Pack - £169.99

FA Referee Course plus Mini Starter Pack** - £194.99

** Candidates residing outside of Bedfordshire i.e. Do not have a Bedfordshire postcode.

Please ensure you select the correct option when paying for The FA Referee Course to avoid issues with enrolment. If you are unsure, please contact Bedfordshire FA. If your home address if not in Bedfordshire, you will be required to pay the price(s) marked with **.

Full Starter Pack:

Referee Shirt

Referee Shorts

Referee Socks

Assistant Referee Flags

Fox 40 Pro Whistle

Whistle Wrist Lanyard

Referee Notebook

Match Record Pad

Red/Yellow Cards

Full Starter Pack (with Bedfordshire FA Badge):

Referee Shirt (with badge included)

Referee Shorts

Referee Socks

Assistant Referee Flags

Fox 40 Pro Whistle

Whistle Wrist Lanyard

Referee Notebook

Match Record Pad

Red/Yellow Cards

Mini Starter Pack (does not include referee kit):

Assistant Referee Flags

Fox 40 Pro Whistle

Whistle Wrist Lanyard

Referee Notebook

Match Record Pad

Red/Yellow Cards

Your Starter Pack will be delivered to you on the course provided that your order was placed within 14 days of the course commencing. If your Starter Pack is ordered less than 14 days before the course commences, we are unable to guarantee delivery on the course itself.

What will I get on the course for my money?

In addition to the services of FA Referee Tutors, the following is included in the price:

· A copy of the latest FIFA Laws of the Game booklet

· An interactive DVD on the Laws of the Game

· A pre-course study programme (Unit 1 - This will be circulated around 7-10 days prior to the course starting)

· FA Referee course materials

· FA Safeguarding Children training

· FA 'Respect' training

· FA registration fee for the current season

· Appointment to fixtures based on the availability you provide

· Detailed information and documentation on your next steps

· A certificate of qualification… following an initial five 11v11 or 9v9 games and the successful passing of a final examination on the FIFA Laws of the Game

· County FA Referee badge (if not ordered with your kit)

· The services of the Bedfordshire FA Referee Development Team

· Enrolment onto the Bedfordshire FA Referee Scholarship Programme (details explained at the Induction Evening)

Will I need to undertake FA Safeguarding Children Training?

All referees have to undertake FA Safeguarding Children training before they will be able to register with The FA as a referee. You will complete this either before or during the course and certification will last for 3 years. The cost of this is included in the course fee.

Candidates under the age of 17 will be required to complete the Online FA Safeguarding Children training. Candidates aged 17+ will be required to attend the FA Safeguarding Children Workshop.

Will I need to undertake FA CRC (formerly known as a FA CRB) check?

All referees aged 16 years or over must undertake an FA CRC enhanced check. This is a simple on-line process, which can be completed prior to the commencement of the course. Certification last for 3 years. The cost of this is included in the course fee.

Please note to access this online application, you will need a FAN (FA Number).

If have ever been involved in football or taken an FA Qualification, it is highly likely you already have a FAN. If you do not know your FAN or password, or need to create a FAN, please use our FAN FINDER tool by clicking to register/retrieve your details.

Please be aware that if you already have a FAN, and create another FAN, this could cause delays in being confirmed on the course and any qualifications being awarded.

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