Course: FA Level 1 in Coaching Goalkeepers

Course Information:

Minimum Age:
Course Duration: 6 face-to-face Workshops (21 hours)
Course Prerequisites: Prior to certification, learners are required to:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Hold as a minimum a current FA Emergency Aid/IFAiF 
  • Have attended The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop within the last three years


Who is it for: This course is great for those looking to gain knowledge and skills relating to designing shorts practices for goalkeepers, linking together a series of practices to create a safe, fun and engaging goalkeeper coaching session.

Course Content: 

The FA Level 1 in Coaching Goalkeepers provides learners with an introduction to coaching the game and working with goalkeepers of all ages.

Learners will gain an insight into the game in England, how it is played and how they can coach to better support the development of future goalkeepers. The course is designed to prepare learners to coach goalkeepers at the grassroots level.

Through the completion of the learning programme for this course, learners will be introduced to the practical and theoretical aspects of planning, delivering and reviewing individual football coaching sessions for goalkeepers. The foundation level of knowledge and skills developed through this course will enable learners to create safe, fun and engaging coaching sessions through building, developing and extending a series of linked practices.

  • The FA 4 Corner Player Development Model which will help them gain a better understanding of the long-term development of their goalkeepers as a whole person
  • The FA Plan, Do, Review Model, helping them construct appropriate practices and sessions for their goalkeepers
  • Practical coaching ideas, giving them the ability to recognise the various ingredients that make up safe, fun and engaging practices to help their goalkeepers develop
  • Practical coaching opportunities both on the course and where possible with their own goalkeepers

Assessment: Learners will be observed coaching on course and asked to complete a series of tasks related to their own context.

Equality: FA Education ensures that it treats people fairly and with respect. It provides access and opportunities for all members of the community to take part in, and enjoy, its activities in an atmosphere free from harassment, bullying, discrimination or abuse. FA Education will seek to provide a service that is appropriate to the needs of an individual and to make reasonable adjustments or provide support, where appropriate, to cater for those needs.


No refunds will be made for non-attendance once the course has started.

There is a £50 fee to transfer to another course upon making the original booking.


Practical & Theory 

14th, 21st & 28th July 2018

9am- 5pm


Cedars Upper School

Course Cost £150.00



All dates are subject to change. Should this occur, all candidates will be informed via email.

Bedfordshire FA Learning Agreement:

My booking on the course above confirms I understand:

  • I am fully aware that my chosen course may be one which includes the FA Safeguarding children workshop, which discusses some sensitive ‘hypothetical’ issues and some real issues regarding child abuse in its various forms. I am fully aware I am the only participant who can attend the FA Safeguarding Children Workshop, I understand that no other person may attend in my place should I be unable to attend.

  • If I do not deliver payment for my course fee before the commencement of the course, my certificate will be withheld until payment is settled.
  • Cancellation: If I cancel my booking I will inform Bedfordshire FA and will be entitled to a credit note minus a transaction fee to the value of the following:

    • 75% return if 2 months notice given

    • 50% return if 1 month notice given

    • 25% return if less than one month given

    • No return if less than 10 days given

      Please note there will be a further transaction fee taken from the original % stated above.

  • I will respect the course tutor, course venue and the other candidates and their points of view and I understand that if my behaviour, language or conduct is deemed ‘unacceptable’, ’offensive’ or ‘harmful’ for any reason, Bedfordshire FA and the venues reserves the right to exclude me for continuing on my chosen course and if necessary, future courses.
  • Bedfordshire FA does not accept responsibility for the loss, or damage to, candidate property or for personal injury however caused and that I will ensure that I am protected with my own personal insurance cover through other bodies;
  • I confirm that I understand the above statements and their implications and that the information I have provided on this form is correct to the very best of my knowledge.
  • If you are on General Suspension you cannot attend the course until you have been cleared.

This course is 100% attendance to be able to award a certificate on completion

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