The FA Level 3 (UEFA B) in Coaching Futsal - Register Your Interest 2022/23

Course duration:

65 Learning Hours




 St. George's Park


FA Education

Course pre-requisites:

The FA Level 2 in Coaching Futsal
The FA Level 2 in Coaching Football
All learners MUST have regular access to players who train on a weekly basis and that have a regular games programme.

Who is it for?:

The course is for coaches who have regular contact with players who are playing Futsal on a regular basis in a competitive environment or who are building up towards a tournament or festival.

Course content:

The following aspects will be included in the course curriculum:

To understand the tactics and strategy to play Futsal.
To develop a squad of players individually and collectively to play Futsal. This will work across all four corners of L.T.P.D.
To be able to analyse play and develop a strategy to win matches.
To be able to develop a playing and coaching philosophy that will help players to maximise their Futsal potential.


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Please note that this does not count as an application for the course and does not guarantee you a place on the course.


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