Learning from Euro 2016: How to equip your players and teams with the creative skills to break down compact defences - CPD Webinar


1 hour (6-7pm)


Tuesday 21st June 2016


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Darran Bowles and Jody Caudwell


Kimberley Jardine
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Course pre-requisites:

This course is for all levels

Course content:

During the first round of games at the Euro 2016 Championships, one of the early trends that emerged was that of teams needing to find creative ways to break down compact defences.

Early examples have been France and Spain, who employed a finely balanced combination of collective patience and individual creativity to find their way past the defences of Romania and Czech Republic. While for Portugal, on the other hand, not being able to find creative solutions to slip their way past Iceland's defensive lines ultimately proved the difference between one and all three points.

In this special grassroots webinar, County Coach Developers, Jody Caudwell and Darran Bowles, will explore this theme in further detail, examining why it is one of the key early trends of the Euros and provide practical guidance for equipping your players and teams with the skills to create opportunities to score against compact defences.

With content relating to each of the age - phases - 5-11, 12-16, 17-21 - they will showcase example practices that you can implement in your coaching sessions while also making the connection to the coaching fundamentals and philosophy of the England DNA.

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All Levels 

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1 hour

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