FA Level 4 Intermediate Trauma Medical Management in Football ITMMiF - 72 December 2022 Application for Consideration of a Space on This Course

Course duration:

2 days non residential


1st and 2nd December 2022

Fee includes:

Lunch & Refreshments

Course Fees:


Application deadline:                     

13th October 2022 at 5pm


St. George's Park

Course tutor(s):

Tutor to learner ratio 1:6

This is an application process and does not guarantee your place on the course. Applications close 7 weeks before the start of the course and successful applicants will be notified shortly afterwards.

Course Overview:

ITMMiF is a two-day intensive course at intermediate level aimed at those allied healthcare professionals who are responsible for immediate care and management of footballers both in the competitive and training environment.

ITMMiF will give successful learners a Practitioner/Learner/Refresher experience that will allow them to act as the primary care provider in the sports pre-hospital environment of football. The content will compliment current skills and knowledge base and the expectation is that a basic first aid qualification has already been acquired. ITMMiF promotes the team-work approach and assume that learners will be working alongside other experienced health care professionals and ambulance crews, but does appreciate in some football settings, especially training that you will be the only practitioner and therefore does emphasise team leader skills as well as refreshing currently established clinical skills already acquired in daily practice.


Course Purpose:

ITMMiF has been designed to deal with life and limb threatening injuries on the field of play and the two days will concentrate solely around these areas. ITMMiF is not a first aid course nor does it cover basis injury management in football. The course is a mixture of practical and didactic learning, with supporting demonstrations and question and answer sessions to meet all learner needs. Learners will leave the course with the ability to preform a structured casualty assessment in a pressure environment in the presence of a life or limb threatening injury. The course consists of both formative and summative assessment, with 8-hours of pre course preparation. A resit will be allowed on the day, please refer to the course manual for assessment criteria. 

Course pre-requisites:

The course assumes a level of knowledge, therefore as a minimum, The FA recommends that learners must
  • Have a medical degree (registered with GMC)
  • Be a Physiotherapist/Paramedic registered with the HCPC
  • Be a practicing nurse registered with the RCN 
  • Be a graduate sports therapist 
  • Be a graduate sports rehabilitator registered with the British Association of Rehabilitators of in Sport
  • Be working/studying towards one of the above as an established (final 6 months) third year student
  • Special consideration will be given to you if you are a masseur, sports psychologist, osteopath, chiropractor, fitness trainer or sports scientist who assist the medical practitioners at your club on a regular basis with player care. However, for these practitioners it is essential that you have successfully completed The FA Level 3 Emergency Medical First Aid in Football (EMFAiF) course in the past two years and have a letter of support from the medical practitioners at your club. 
Failure to supply a valid number for the above will result in your application being rejected.
Please email a copy of all relevant medical qualifications upon application to confirm that you meet the course requirements.

Who is it for?:

The ITMMiF course is for graduate medical and allied to medical health care professionals (see course pre-requisites for detail). However for those practitioners assisting with medical care and extrication on the field of play and who have vast experience of first aid delivery this course may also be of use. Inclusive of (masseurs, fitness trainers, sports scientists, coaches), who may also be responsible for the management of the players in some footballing environments and who may be working in isolation without immediate access to medical provision or who work as part of the on-field care team during competitive matches and training. However, it is essential that these allied practitioners have already succesfully completed the FA EMFAiF course in the past 2 years to be considered.  

Course content:

Medico-legal Issues and duty of care in football
Emergency action planning
Primary A-E approach
Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Basic Life Support (BLS) with use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
Airway management and oxygen therapy
Limb threatening fractures/ dislocations and their emergency management
Head injury and The FA concussion guidelines
Spinal injury and management (inclusive of extrication)
Medical emergencies in football

Pre-course task:

Minimum of 12- 16 hours of pre course reading (inclusive of a manual and recommended supplementary text) and a mandatory pre-course online MCQ testing the applied knowledge of the pre course reading material.

Post-course task:

Learners are recommended to keep up to date with their own continual professional development and to consolidate their learning regularly (minimum monthly) practice of the skills learnt during ITMMiF.

Course Assessment:

Pre course online MCQ. 2 Practical Scenario's that cover life and limb threatening injuries in football.

Dress code:

Standard dress code on the course is casual.

Should the course require any alternative dress, this will be detailed in the course joining instructions. 

Medical information/physical requirements:

If you have any medical conditions which limit/hinder your involvement or participation in any practical activities, you are obliged to declare any relevant, current or previous injuries/illnesses. If you are diagnosed as an asthmatic, diabetic or epileptic, or have any allergies that the course staff needs to be aware of, you must advise us accordingly. Please note, a declaration of injury or illness does not automatically preclude you from any course.

You should further be aware that if you are on a regular course of medication for any condition, you must have sufficient medication to cover you throughout the course. Although first aid cover is provided (where applicable) during courses, no doctor is available to replenish regular medication, nor is there any facility to deliver medical treatment for chronic (longstanding) medical conditions.

Please provide any relevant information regarding the above Medical Information during the application process.

If your application to enrol is successful learners will be required to complete a Medical Form prior to commencing the course.  

Practical Information:

Please note that if a learner has a disability that may prevent them participating actively in the practical sessions, then this should be made known to the course organiser at the point of registration. The course organiser will then take any necessary steps to cater for the learners requirements.

Filming and photography:

Please be aware that filming and photography of our courses and learners may take place as part of the course delivery.


Please enrol below by entering your FA Number (FAN) and password. Applicants will be contacted within 7 days of the application deadline to confirm if they have been offered a place on the course. They will also be sent a payment link. Successful applicants' places will only be confirmed on the course once full payment has been made.


FA Education will ensure that it treats people fairly and with respect and that it will provide access and opportunities for all members of the community to take part in, and enjoy, its activities in an atmosphere free from harassment, bullying, discrimination or abuse. FA Education will seek to provide a service which is appropriate to the needs of an individual and to make reasonable adjustments or provide support, where appropriate, to cater for those needs.

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