The FA Cup, The FA Trophy, The FA Vase and The FA Youth Cup Competitions Season 2018-2019

FA Competitions 2018-2019 - Entry Fee List

The Competition(s) to enter are indicated below by selecting the appropriate price category.

PLEASE NOTE - New entries applying to enter The FA Cup will only be considered from Clubs that competed in the The FA Trophy or The FA Vase 2017-2018.

     Competition                  Price      
    The FA Cup    £75.00
    The FA Trophy    £50.00
    The FA Vase    £50.00
    The FA Youth Cup     £40.00

If entering more than one Competition, please only complete one application and make one 'altogether' payment from the payment options provided.

Upon successful completion of the application you will be taken to the online payment page. Payment can ONLY be made by credit or debit card, and an individual can make the payment on the Clubs behalf with a personal card.

Entry fee 
payments will only be refunded to any entries not accepted after the list of entries accepted has been published.


Online Application Form

Club Playing Name: *

Full Name of Legal Entity that is the Club:

Clubs must ensure that they complete the full name of the legal entity through which the Club trades and which is entering the Competition. It should also be the entity that is affiliated to The FA, County FA and is a member of the League.

For clarification, this will be the full name of the limited company or unincorporated association in which the Club's memorandum and articles of association or rules/constitution are prepared and in whose name the Club's annual accounts are drawn up. It will also be the entity which is affiliated to The FA, County FA and is a member of.

Please select the Competition(s) which your Club is currently eligible to enter from the price list below, Clubs moving to and from Step 4 will automatically be moved between The FA Trophy and The FA Vase Competitions accordingly.

Price:  *
Forename: *
Surname: *

Name of Ground: *
Address: *
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Senior League & Division 2017-18: *
(If League is not listed, please select 'Other' and enter League & Division details in the fields below)

League 'Other' 2017-18:
Division 'Other' 2017-18:

All Clubs below Step 6 of FA NLS please click here for the H Grade Questionnaire which MUST be completed and submitted to The FA by email to

N.B. Where a Club has already submitted a copy of the questionnaire to The FA in respect of a promotion application to Step 6, it is NOT necessary to complete another one.

N.B. Clubs in a Ground sharing agreement with another Club at Step 6 or above, are NOT required to complete H Grade Questionnaire.

Youth League & Division 2018-19:(Mandatory if applying to enter FA Youth Cup)

(If the League you participate in is not listed, please select 'Other' and enter League & Division details in the fields below)
League 'Other' 2018-19:
Division 'Other' 2018-19:

Parent: *

Senior Team:
Youth Team:

Title: *
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Last Name: *
Address: *
Town/City:  *
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Home Telephone:
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7. CLUB BANK DETAILS (Please see note below)
Sort Code: *
Account Number: *
Name on Account:  *

Attention is drawn to FA Rule I 3. The bank account MUST be that of the legal entity of the Club entered above and MUST NOT be that of an individual. A failure to provide correct bank details of the Club may result in the delay or withholding of any payments that may become due under the Rules of the Competitions. Providing bank details other than those of the Club may amount to a breach of FA Rules resulting in disciplinary action.

If these details differ to those previously provided to The FA, you may be contacted by our Finance Team in order to verify the new bank details.

Click here to download the Entry Criteria and Ground Standards for Season 2018-2019
Does your ground comply with the minimum ground standard relevant to the Competitions in which your Club is applying to enter? *
If No, please submit further details to

Does your Club groundshare with either another football Club or another sport? *
If Yes, please submit full details, including the ground sharing agreement to

N.B. Clubs must have a completed Ground sharing agreement in place as at 31 March of the preceding season, as per The Football Association Standardised Rules 2.3.1

In making this application the Club acknowledges the content of the Competition Rule "Dual Interests and Associations" and Clause 7 of the terms and conditions of entry.  *

Are there any matters required to be brought to the attention of The FA?
If Yes, please submit further details to

Click here to view the Terms and Conditions of Entry for Season 2018-2019.
The Football Association may take whatever action it considers appropriate where misleading information is provided on this form and any further submissions based on your clubs application.