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The Competition to enter is indicated below by selecting the appropriate price category.

2014-15 FA Competition's Entry Fee List

     Competition                   Price      
    The FA Sunday Cup     £40.00
    The FA Women's Cup     £25.00

Please note that payment will only be refunded to any entries not accepted after the list of entries accepted has been published. This will be a cheque payable in the club playing name and not the individual completing the application.

A FAN (FA Number) will be needed to access this online application.

If have ever been involved in football or taken an FA Qualification, it is highly likely you already have a FAN. If you do not know your FAN or password, or need to create a FAN, please use our FAN FINDER tool by clicking to register/retrieve your details.

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FA Sunday Cup 40.00
FA Women's Cup 25.00
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